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Product information ”Transrotor Headphone Amplifier”


The Transrotor headphone amplifier with tone control offers the best prospects for wonderful sound enjoyment in high-end manner with precise tone and balance control.

With its bass, treble and balance controls, the Transrotor headphone amplifier not only offers a comprehensive range of features, but also meets the highest musical demands in a completely private atmosphere. In the usual chrome-plated noble design, the amplifier comes with a headphone output with 200mA at 5-10 Ohm and therefore works perfectly with all common headphones.

With the Transrotor headphone amplifier, volume and balance can be adjusted exactly and the tone control works in the low and high frequency range. The tone and balance control can be bridged with the defeat button. Voltage-controlled amplifiers are used, which keeps the signal paths extremely short. Two outputs (RCA) are offered as an additional function. One of them is adjustable in volume and thus the headphone amplifier can be used as a sound and balance control. This is an excellent function to compensate for recording weaknesses or to adjust the sound to your taste. The variable output allows direct connection to a power amplifier or to active loudspeakers. Thus, the headphone amplifier from Transrotor becomes a preamplifier with tone control.

Due to the special position at Transrotor, the headphone amplifier does not need a type designation and is simply called Transrotor Headphone Amplifier.


  • Headphone output delivers 200mA at 5-10 Ohm
  • Volume adjustable from -80 to +20 db, channel balance <0.4
  • Balance adjustment is +/- 10 db
  • Tone control: Tone control works in the low frequency range below 100 Hz (10 db control range) and in the high frequency range from 8 kHz (10 db control range), midrange remains unchanged
  • Defeat button for overriding the tone and balance controls
  • Unit works with voltage-controlled amplifiers, thus extremely short signal paths
  • Long-term stable potentiometers supply only one control voltage
  • Two RCA outputs: (tone and balance control, if headphone amplifier is looped in and weaknesses in recordings can be compensated)
  • Power amplifier or active loudspeakers can be connected directly - Pre-amplifier with tone control


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